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    Choice of the right survey can sometimes seem confusing, but it need not be that way. Here at PatientDynamics we like to keep things simple and easy to use.

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    Juggling practice revalidations?

    Revalidation Manager makes it easy

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    Revalidation is putting pressure on practice managers to organise surveys for all their GPs - but at last help is at hand.

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We are a friendly and professional Healthcare Commission approved survey contractor. We can help your practice to benefit from our years of experience in carrying out patient surveys.

Introducing Revalidation Manager

The professional choice for managing GP Revalidation

A complete solution

Revalidation Manager

This straightforward application allows practices to take control of the revalidation/appraisal process for their doctors and nurses.

We get a number of phone calls regarding individual survey progress and so we thought it was time that we put you at the practice in charge of the process. To this end we are pleased to introduce Revalidation Manager,  our online application for patient and colleague surveys. To sign up and register for the service the visit www.revalidationmanager.co.uk/signup.php. We are still working on automating the payment mechanism but we will be happy to raise invoices separately, contact us at info@PatientDynamics.co.uk for more information on this.

Registering at the website will allow you, the practice manager, to add change and edit the doctors undertaking revalidation.
Sign in to Revalidation Manager anytime to keep informed with the progress of everyone undertaking revalidation or appraisal process. Whether this is colleague surveys or patient surveys you will always know by a series of simple traffic lights display the progress that each doctor has reached in the survey process.

Surveys included with Revalidation Manager

Our easy-to-use solution gives you these surveys and reporting included in the price.

The Benefits

Revalidation Manager makes the process simple


All this at one great price!

Sign up to Revalidation Manager is FREE!

Simply Pay-as-you-go for each candidate GP's survey as required.

Pay just £75 per candidate*

For Colleague, Patient & Self Assessment Package. (*£82.50 inc postage)

Pay just £95 per candidate


Our Surveys

Our range of highly successful surveys

Revalidation is here. But judging by the phone calls that we’ve received, some practices are clearer than others with the implications and how it fits in with their current surveying plans. It may fall to you to arrange a survey on behalf of your practice or your doctors, if this is the case help is at hand.

PatientDynamics offers the following surveys for healthcare professionals.
Surveys marked included in the Revalidation Manager package are included in the Revalidation Manager package.

CSQ for patient consultation opinion included in the Revalidation Manager package

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Gathering feedback from patients is an important part of the GP appraisal process and will also feature strongly in GP revalidation. CSQ is an approved and accredited patient satisfaction survey instrument (RCGP approved list). Designed to throw light on how patients react to a GP's consultation style it is a fully validated patient satisfaction survey tool Developed by Professor Richard Baker, head of the Department of Health Science, Leicester University (and a practising GP). CSQ is recommended by the NHS Appraisal Toolkit for use in gathering patient feedback for GP appraisals, and is highly suitable for use in GP revalidation.

The CSQ Survey is an integral part of our Revalidation Manager service.

GPAQ-R for patient practice opinion

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The General Practice Assessment Questionnaire is a patient questionnaire developed at the National Primary Research and Development Centre in Manchester and Cambridge University. PatientDynamics has licensed the GPAQ technology from Manchester University to provide a complete range of solutions featuring the GPAQ methodologies.

Our comprehensive GPAQ survey pack comes with full instructions for both practice and patients.
Pay just £95 per candidate.
Contact us to discuss your GPAQ survey needs.

GMC Colleague for professional colleague opinion included in the Revalidation Manager package

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PatientDynamics has chosen the GMC colleague questionnaire for its 360° colleague survey. We use an online questionnaire to collect and collate the responses from the medical professional.  This is completely compliant with the GMC guidelines. Through a series of emails the person undertaking the survey is able to invite other medical professionals to take part in the survey. This ensures confidentiality between the person taking part in the survey and the respondent; an important requirement of the GMC.

The GMC Colleague Survey is an integral part of our Revalidation Manager service.

GMC Self Assessment for professional reflection included in the Revalidation Manager package

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The GMC Self Assessment questionnaire is intended to be used for personal reflection alongside gathered opinion. It comprises of an easy-to-use web-based questionnaire which asks you to make a professional assessment of your own performance. When used as part of our Revalidation Manager package, your own responses can be compared directly to the responses you have received in your colleague survey.

The GMC Self Assessment Questionnaire is an integral part of our Revalidation Manager service.

Community Pharmacy for patient opinion

Image descriptionGathering feedback from patients is an important part of the clinical governance essential services pharmacy contract. We provide you with the materials to undertake the survey in your pharmacy in addition there's an online version for patients or pharmacies to complete too. After the analysis of the results, we send you a comprehensive report plus a certificate and A4 poster. Prices start from as little as £75. Complete the form and we'll have the materials to you asap.

Contact us now to chat about a Community Pharmacy survey.

Bespoke Surveys to suit your own polling needs

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Bespoke surveys are helpful to identify individual practice issues particularly involving new technology. If you think your service could benefit from a custom produced survey then don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your particular needs. Bespoke surveys are an individually tailored product and our fees vary accordingly.

Contact us now to chat about a bespoke survey for your practice.

Service Samples

At a glance examples of our services

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    Revalidation Manager

    Our easy to use system puts you in charge

  • Image description
    CSQ questionnaire pack

    Our patient survey includes both printed and web versions

  • Image description
    GMC Colleague Survey

    Our colleague survey is simple and efficient

  • Image description
    Inviting colleagues

    Revalidation Manager invites your colleagues to participate and updates you on their progress

  • Image description
    CSQ web survey

    An online version of the patient survey

  • Image description
    GPAQ Practice Survey

    A larger scale practice survey

  • Image description
    Monitoring progress

    Traffic lights let you see how you are doing

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    Self assessment

    Your own self assessment can be compared to gathered opinions

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    CSQ Report

    To download a sample patient survey report clink the link icon

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PatientDynamics is a specialist market research agency focusing on the needs of general practice and health care professionals. Andrew Smith, the principal researcher has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and health information for the last 25 years. With an MSc in health Informatics Andrew is in a great position to understand the needs and requirements of general practice and community pharmacy. To this end, our range of affordable surveys are aimed at delivering the best value we can to general practice and community pharmacies. We may not be the biggest agency. These days, but we are certainly one of  the most experienced.

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